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If you have lost a case following a trial or had a case dismissed, you may have the right to bring an appeal to a higher court. Alternatively, you may need an appellate attorney not to bring an appeal for you but to defend your victory in a lower court against someone who has filed an appeal against you. Appeals have very specific (usually complicated) rules and tight timeframes – failing to follow the rules or missing a deadline can result in you losing the appeal. As a result, if you are considering filing an appeal or defending an appeal filed against you, it is advisable to speak to an experienced appellate attorney like the ones at Piper Paul Law as soon as possible.  

Our appellate attorneys – who have over 25 years of experience – have filed and argued dozens of appeals at all levels of the state and federal court systems. We have had success in both bringing and defending appeals. Something else to keep in mind when considering whether to retain an appellate attorney is that the appellate process is very different from the trial process. Our appellate attorneys have a great deal of experience in not only identifying issues upon which to base or defend an appeal, but also in researching and writing the legal briefs for an appeal and then presenting oral arguments to an appellate court. Put simply, the appeals process is tricky. Our experienced appellate attorneys can help you navigate the appeals path safely.


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